AI and Blockchain Unite: VeChain and SingularityNET's Innovative Approach Against Climate Change

JJohn August 25, 2023 5:27 AM

Artificial intelligence firm SingularityNET and blockchain firm VeChain are partnering to combine their technologies in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. The partnership represents a growing trend in the crypto industry of leveraging AI and blockchain technology together.

VeChain and SingularityNET merge technologies

The partnership between SingularityNET and VeChain represents a growing trend in the world of crypto - the marriage of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Their primary goal is to combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions. The two companies plan to achieve this by integrating VeChain's enterprise data with SingularityNET's advanced AI algorithms. By doing so, they hope to automate manual processes and provide real-time data to help optimize carbon emission output.

Goertzel champions AI-Blockchain synergy

Ben Goertzel, the CEO of SingularityNET, is a staunch believer in the power of AI and blockchain. According to him, these technologies can work hand-in-hand to tackle problems where traditional approaches often fail. In the context of environmental sustainability, Goertzel suggests that AI could identify new ways to use VeChain’s blockchain data to minimize pollution. He emphasizes that achieving a sustainable economy involves coordinating numerous economic players, a task at which traditional economic mechanisms have struggled.

Antonio Senatore, the Chief Technology Officer at VeChain, and other industry figures also recognize the potential of AI and blockchain technologies. They view these as transformative tools that can revolutionize industries and enterprises by opening up new avenues of operation. This sentiment is reiterated by the likes of Aydin Kilic, the CEO of Hive Digital Technologies, who sees blockchain and AI as crucial to the Web3 ecosystem.

AI-Blockchain blend in action: GPTScan

One of the practical applications of the AI-Blockchain blend can be seen in the project GPTScan, run by MetaTrust Labs. GPTScan combines Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) AI with static analysis to detect vulnerable functions in smart contracts based on code-level scenarios and properties. This project highlights the potential of integrating AI and blockchain to enhance security and functionality in the crypto space.

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