AI-Generated 'Tom Cruise' Accused of Spreading Disinformation about Olympics

NNicholas November 10, 2023 12:16 PM

An AI-generated version of Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise, was used to voice a fake documentary allegedly exposing corruption within the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IOC has dismissed these claims as part of an organized disinformation campaign.

AI-generated Cruise alleges IOC corruption

In a seemingly shocking revelation, an AI-generated version of Tom Cruise's voice was used to narrate a non-existent Netflix documentary series titled 'Olympics Has Fallen'. This documentary alleged corruption within the IOC, with 'corrupt officials' accused of 'destroying the Olympic sports that have existed for thousands of years'. However, the IOC have dismissed these allegations as part of an organized disinformation campaign, highlighting that no such Netflix documentary series exists. This incident has once again brought to light the increasing role of AI in spreading fake news and disinformation.

IOC battles against disinformation

The presence of the bogus documentary is just one instance of the IOC being targeted with disinformation. There have been numerous fake news posts and defamatory content against the committee. In one case, a fake news report from a French broadcaster was created, which wrongly suggested that the IOC was considering banning Israeli and Palestinian athletes from the Paris Olympics in 2024. Such instances clearly highlight the escalating battle against disinformation that the IOC, and other organizations, are facing in the digital age.

While the fake documentary and other similar content were taken down from YouTube at the IOC's request, they continue to circulate on other platforms. For instance, the false news report about the purported ban of Israeli and Palestinian athletes was uploaded to a Telegram channel dominated by Russian-language content with over 400,000 subscribers. The spread of these fake news items on such platforms further exacerbates the challenge of combating disinformation.

Disinformation aligns with IOC's Russian suspension

The surge in disinformation targeting the IOC appeared to coincide with the organization's decision to suspend Russia's National Olympic Committee. This decision was taken in response to Russia's move to recognize regional sports organizations in Ukraine's occupied regions as its members. Furthermore, IOC stated that only Russian and Belarusian athletes could participate in the Paris Olympics in 2024 under a neutral flag. The timing raises questions about whether the disinformation campaign was an attempt to retaliate against these decisions.

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