AI-Powered Scams Ramp Up: Learn How to Spot Them

NNicholas November 25, 2023 7:01 AM

As we head into the bustling holiday season, fraudsters are leveraging artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT to trick unsuspecting shoppers. This article outlines how these scams operate and how you can safeguard yourself against these deceptive tactics.

AI tools boosting scammers' strategies

There's a growing wave of cybercriminals riding on AI tools like ChatGPT to sharpen their scamming tactics. These AI-powered chatbots can mimic human speech and perform a variety of tasks, making it near impossible for consumers to differentiate between genuine offers and malicious scams. The evolution in the scammers' toolbox means that now, you don't even have to be a proficient English speaker to execute a scam; AI can do the heavy lifting.

ChatGPT isn't just helping scammers to write convincingly in English, it's also enabling them to target victims in their native languages. This enhanced language capability makes the scams more engaging, luring in unsuspecting victims with familiar language and cultural nuances. Plus, the once laborious task of devising and executing scam campaigns can now be easily replicated, thanks to AI.

Scammers exploit FOMO with fraudulent ads

In an age where everyone's scrolling through their social feeds, scammers seize the opportunity to create fraudulent ads using images of in-demand products from reputable brands. These ads often herald 'too-good-to-be-true' deals with a sense of urgency, designed to trigger a quick 'checkout' before the victim realizes they're being scammed. It's a classic case of capitalizing on consumers' 'fear of missing out', or FOMO.

Safeguarding against scams: Old-school tactics

In the face of these sophisticated online scams, a simple piece of advice rings true: always buy directly from the source. If you can verify the origin of the product, you can minimize the risk of falling prey to a scam. Alternatively, heading to a brick-and-mortar store to make your purchase can alleviate the risk altogether. It's a timeless antidote to the age of AI-powered scams.

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