AI Startup Darrow Secures $35M to Enhance Legal Discovery in Class Action Lawsuits

JJohn September 19, 2023 1:57 PM

Darrow, an AI startup, has raised $35 million to bolster its innovative legal tech offering: an AI-based data engine that trawls public documents for potential class action lawsuit opportunities. By identifying patterns that could signal legal violations, Darrow is revolutionizing how law firms discover and develop new case leads.

Darrow's AI uncovers legal potential

Darrow's innovative AI technology is rapidly transforming the legal landscape. Their engine scans publicly accessible documents, identifying potential class action lawsuits in areas such as data privacy breaches and environmental contamination. By automating this process, the startup is able to quickly and efficiently highlight possible litigation opportunities that otherwise might remain undetected.

AI insights lead to billion-dollar claims

Darrow's success has been undeniable, with active cases instigated by their data insights currently amounting to about $10 billion in claims. This significant figure underscores the value of their service and the potential impact it can have on law firms seeking out profitable and meaningful class action lawsuits.

With this new funding, Darrow plans to expand its team, bring in additional engineers and business development talent, and broaden its legal domain coverage. They're also investing in enhancing their large language models and other technological assets to further refine their data analysis capabilities and provide even more valuable insights for their customers.

50 law firms already leveraging Darrow

While Darrow is keeping its valuation and revenue details under wraps, co-founder Ben Artzi reveals that approximately 50 law firms are currently utilizing their platform. Covering hundreds of legal practitioners, these firms are leveraging Darrow's AI capabilities to proactively discover and develop new cases, thereby driving their business growth.

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