AI Tool, ChatGPT Empowers Woman's Lucrative Side Gig

JJohn July 31, 2023 2:59 PM

Nicole Cueto, a public relations consultant, utilizes AI tool ChatGPT for her side job of planning vacations. The AI's capabilities not only enhanced her productivity but also helped her generate an additional income of $670 per month.

AI Boosts Side Hustle Productivity

Nicole Cueto, a New York-based public relations consultant, has turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate her side job of planning vacations. She has been using ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, since January, which she claims has drastically reduced her research time. The result? She's been able to generate an additional $670 per month due to increased productivity.

ChatGPT Customizes Trip Planning

Cueto uses the AI tool to create highly customized trips tailored to each client's requirements. She prompts the chatbot with specific queries, for instance, asking for a budget-oriented guide to Paris that includes visits to historical neighborhoods where politicians resided in the 1880's. The AI responds with personalized and in-depth answers, thus streamlining the planning process.

While the AI chatbot has significantly improved her productivity, Cueto acknowledges that it's not perfect. The bot's suggestions still require her to do additional research and fact-check the information generated by the bot. Despite this, the tool has been invaluable in shaving hours off her work time and has been instrumental in her successful side job.

Freelancers Turn to AI Tools

Cueto isn't alone in harnessing the power of AI to boost productivity. Many freelancers are adopting new generative AI tools to undertake side jobs or increase their output. These tools, like ChatGPT, have been described as 'game changers' for their potential to dramatically save time and enhance work quality. From generating ideas to crafting blog posts and emails, AI is reshaping the freelance landscape.

AI tools aren't just aiding in business-related tasks; they are also being utilized for creative pursuits. For instance, one product-design manager used ChatGPT in conjunction with an image generator tool called Midjourney to write and illustrate a children's book - all within a mere 72 hours. The adoption of these tools demonstrates the versatility and potential of AI in a wide range of applications.

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