AI Tool Developed to Verify Age of Models in Alcohol Advertisements

JJohn July 18, 2023 9:29 AM

An AI tool designed to check the perceived age of models featured in alcohol advertisements has been developed by the Foundation for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (STIVA). This comes as a response to regulatory issues concerning the age portrayal of models in such ads.

AI tool for age assessment in ads

The Foundation for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (STIVA) has developed an AI tool to assess the perceived age of models in alcohol advertisements. Advertisers are advised to avoid using models who appear under 25 years old in their ads. This innovative AI tool provides a solution to this regulation, ensuring compliance and reducing potential controversy.

The AI tool, dubbed No-Kno, has been trained on over 100,000 faces to determine a person's visual age, not their actual age but how old they appear to be. STIVA asserts that there should be no ambiguity about this, making No-Kno a promising solution for age-related compliance in alcohol advertising.

Immediate implementation of No-Kno

STIVA’s No-Kno will be immediately implemented in the procedures to verify TV and cinema advertisements before they are aired. Advertisers also have the option to have the visual age of models reviewed in advance. This pre-emptive approach helps avoid any violations of the Advertising Code for Alcoholic Beverages, ensuring advertisers stay within legal boundaries.

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