AI Tools Revolutionize Classroom Teaching and Eases Teachers' Workload

NNicholas August 27, 2023 3:21 PM

In an effort to manage overwhelming workloads and streamline lesson planning, teachers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) tools. While skepticism exists, many educators attest to the efficiency and effectiveness of these technological advancements in shaping the future of education.

Teachers adopting AI for workload management

Teachers like Jessica Reid are pioneers in adopting AI in education. Juggling the responsibilities of planning lessons, creating student behavior support plans, and grading can be a daunting task. But with AI tools, Reid was able to make her workload more manageable. She utilized an AI program called Eduaide.AI to plan her lessons and found it to be a useful guide on what to teach and when. However, she emphasized the importance of fact-checking the information provided by the AI tool.

Reid's adoption of AI in her teaching led to mixed reactions on social media. Some critics accused her of setting a bad example, suggesting that students might be tempted to misuse such tools for cheating. However, Reid dismissed these concerns, arguing that the role of a teacher is different from students. While students are still on their academic journey, teachers like Reid have already been through that process and have earned their role, reinforcing the need for responsible use of AI tools.

The advancements in AI technology have brought both excitement and skepticism among teachers. As these tools evolve, they have the potential to make education more efficient by assisting in tasks like grading and lesson planning. Kasi Humber, a French teacher, has utilized ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model, to generate report cards and create reading materials tailored to student needs. Despite reservations, the potential of AI in education is undeniable.

Proper use of AI tools in classrooms

Denis Tanguay, a high school computer science and shop teacher, believes in the power of AI tools to enhance learning experiences. He has embraced the use of AI in his classroom and encourages students to use ChatGPT for enhancing their presentations. However, he emphasizes the importance of teaching students how to use these tools correctly, underlining the need for proper guidance and responsible use of AI in education.

Need for clear policies on AI use in education

As AI becomes increasingly prevalent in classrooms, there's a growing need for clear policies governing its use. Many educational institutions have yet to formalize their stance on AI, creating uncertainty among teachers. Experts, such as Sarah Eaton, an associate professor at the University of Calgary, recommend professional development for teachers to better understand AI, learn how to use it effectively, and recognize when it's being used unethically. This highlights the need for institutions to adopt a more proactive approach towards AI in education.

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