AI's Disruptive Impact on Hollywood and the Urgency for Governance

JJohn July 23, 2023 8:56 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming foundational for the next wave of digital innovation, but corporations' exploitation of the technology has raised concerns about human uniqueness and fair compensation. With Hollywood as a case study, the pressing need for AI governance to ensure its use for human benefit rather than corporate gain is critical.

AI: A transformational force questioning human uniqueness

We're witnessing a digital revolution, powered by Artificial Intelligence. Being foundational to this new wave of innovation, AI is transforming everything from intellectual property conceptions, productivity boosting, industry reshaping, to altering the nature of work. But amid these transformations, there lies a profound question about the uniqueness of humans and their capabilities. AI's growing prowess has us questioning our unique human abilities, as it seems to blur the lines between human and machine intelligence.

The ongoing clash between Hollywood studios and screenwriters' and actors' unions paints a vivid picture of the challenges AI introduces. These groups are concerned about how online streaming has slashed their earnings. Even more worrisome, writers fear that AI-generated scripts could lead to their roles being minimized to mere rewriting, while actors fret about digital scanning creating hyperrealistic deepfakes of them. This could allow studios to reproduce their performances indefinitely, without requiring their consent or compensating them.

Balancing powers for beneficial AI

To harness AI for the betterment of human life rather than merely serving corporate interests, democracies must encourage the rise of balancing powers. Unfortunately, history shows us that the fruits of technological advancement have largely filled the baskets of those who control it. However, there have been periods where technology was repurposed for society's benefit. Civil-society organizations, free media outlets, activists, and technically informed institutions can play a major role in ensuring that technology, including AI, is aimed at social good, not just private profit.

Emerging legislative efforts for AI governance

Recognizing the challenge at hand, some movements are beginning to take shape. The EU's AI Act and the US's 'Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights' are notable examples of efforts to regulate AI and manage its risks. These initiatives are encouraging, but they are far from the finish line. We must remember that entrusting corporations with the sole responsibility of implementing such powerful technologies can be perilous. It's essential to maintain a vigilant and regulatory approach to the use and control of AI.

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