Amazon Introduces Generative AI Tools for Sellers

JJohn September 13, 2023 4:42 PM

Amazon has unveiled a suite of generative AI tools designed to help online sellers generate compelling product descriptions, titles, and listing details. The AI tools, built using large language models (LLMs), will allow sellers to enhance existing product descriptions without starting from scratch.

New AI tools for product listings

Amazon has launched a new set of generative AI tools, targeting online sellers. The retail giant claims these tools will simplify the process of creating product listings by allowing sellers to generate captivating product descriptions, titles, and listing details. Sellers can now enhance their existing product descriptions using AI instead of starting from scratch.

Utilizing large language models

The AI tools are built on large language models (LLMs) that have been trained on extensive amounts of data. Amazon didn't explicitly mention it, but it's likely that the retailer utilized its own listing data to train its machine learning models. This builds on previous technologies where Amazon used machine learning and deep learning techniques to extract and enrich product information, marking a new era of AI capabilities.

Pros and cons of generative AI tools

The use of Amazon's generative AI tools is expected to result in time-saving for sellers and provide customers with more comprehensive product information. However, there are concerns about the potential for these AI models to generate false information or 'hallucinate.' Furthermore, there could be undetected mistakes if a human doesn't review the output. There's a risk of Amazon being held liable for incorrect product listings and descriptions if it doesn’t disclose that the listings were created using AI.

Amazon isn't alone in using generative AI to simplify the process of creating product listings. eBay recently launched a generative AI tool that generates product listings from photos. Additionally, Shopify unveiled a ChatGPT-like sidekick for its e-commerce merchants earlier this summer, designed to interpret business-related questions or prompts and create content like blog posts, campaign ideas, and customer emails.

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