Apple's Internal Use of AI Chatbot Offers a Glimpse into Future Plans

JJohn July 23, 2023 8:26 PM

Apple is reportedly using an AI chatbot within its organization to assist in prototyping future features and answering data-based questions, suggesting a deliberate move towards increased use of generative AI. The tech giant might eventually extend the tool to its AppleCare support staff, though hurdles remain, given the AI tendency to make errors.

Apple's internal use of AI chatbot

Apple is tapping into artificial intelligence in a novel way. The company is using a chatbot internally to assist employees in various tasks, from prototyping potential future features to summarizing text and answering data-based questions. This information comes from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, shedding light on the tech giant's internal application of AI. The use of a chatbot in this manner indicates a possible shift towards more significant use of AI within the organization.

Potential application of AI in AppleCare

The utilization of AI doesn't stop at internal operations. According to reports, Apple is actively exploring ways to expand the use of generative AI within its organization. One potential application could be within AppleCare, the tech company's customer support division. By providing the chatbot tool to AppleCare support staff, the aim would be to enhance customer service and issue resolution. However, it's not set in stone, as AI's tendency to err is well-known.

Despite the rapidly growing AI trend in tech companies like Google and Microsoft, Apple seems to be taking a more calculated approach. Instead of rushing to incorporate generative AI into their products, the company appears to be moving ahead with its AI plans at a slower, more deliberate pace. This shift in strategy represents a divergence from the industry norm, possibly indicative of Apple's unique approach to emerging technologies.

Responding to AI advancements by other tech giants

While Apple continues to chart its own path, it remains important for the company to respond to developments in the AI space from other players. Notable events include Meta's recent announcement of Microsoft’s Azure platform adopting its sort-of-open-source LLM LLaMA 2, and Samsung's continued efforts to incorporate AI into its devices. It's a competitive landscape, and Apple's response to these actions could dictate its standing in the future of AI.

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