Artificial Intelligence: A Catalyst for Learning, Not a Replacement

NNicholas September 4, 2023 9:06 PM

In the ongoing debate about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in academics, many fear it may replace human intellect and thought. However, AI merely enhances learning by aiding critical evaluations, enabling deeper conversations, and broadening the pursuit of knowledge.

AI's perceived threat to academia

There's a notable apprehension in the academic world about the increasing role AI plays, with some folks feeling it could potentially eclipse human thought and intellect. This fear is rooted in the idea that the involvement of machines in learning might undermine the values of human intellect, discernment, and academic discourse. However, this perspective might not be taking the full picture into account.

AI as an enabler, not a detractor

Contrary to the fear that AI could undermine human intelligence, it could in fact serve as a tool that enhances our capabilities. Consider this: Do calculators or smartphones make us less intelligent or human? They're tools that we've integrated into our lives to boost our efficiency and capabilities. In the same vein, AI can help promote critical thinking, enable us to evaluate information effectively, and facilitate more meaningful conversations about various topics.

Role of AI technologies in education

AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, are increasingly seen as helpful tools in the educational arena. They don't just write essays for students, but they also aid in the critical evaluation of information. They can help learners understand the impact of bias and spur them to engage in deeper discussions about the sources of verifiable information. Such interactions are enriching and far from making students less human, they enhance their learning journey.

Embracing AI as a tool in education is something that more educators should consider. In essence, AI can be viewed as a guide that can help both teachers and students on their path towards knowledge and enlightenment. Rather than deterring students from using these tools, we should encourage them to leverage AI's capabilities to enhance their learning experience and pursue knowledge.

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