Artificial Intelligence Makes a Debut in Grammy Submissions

NNicholas September 6, 2023 5:48 PM

For the first time, an AI-generated song featuring the crafted voices of Drake and The Weeknd, titled 'Heart on My Sleeve,' has been submitted for Grammy consideration. The song, created by the anonymous artist, Ghostwriter, stirred controversy despite the Recording Academy CEO confirming its eligibility due to its human authorship.

AI-generated song makes Grammy debut

In an unprecedented move, the voice facsimiles of Drake and The Weeknd have been used in an AI-generated song titled 'Heart on My Sleeve.' The song has been submitted for Grammy consideration, sparking a fresh debate on the role of AI in music. The song was created by an anonymous artist known as Ghostwriter who, despite not having the direct involvement of Drake or The Weeknd, has sought the music industry's most coveted award for this unique duet.

Song vies for top Grammy categories

Ghostwriter, the creator of 'Heart on My Sleeve,' has confirmed that the song was submitted for two categories - the 'Best Rap Song' and 'Song of the Year.' Both awards honor the songwriters rather than the performers, meaning that even though the vocal performances were computer-generated, Ghostwriter is still eligible to receive the award given that he penned the lyrics.

Even though 'Heart on My Sleeve' is eligible from a creative standpoint, it still has hurdles to overcome in terms of commercial viability. According to the Grammy rules, songs must have 'generation distribution,' implying broad release across various platforms. After initially appearing on YouTube and streaming services, the song was taken down following takedown notices from Universal Music. While it has since been re-uploaded by third parties across the internet, the song faces an uphill battle for commercial availability.

AI's role outlined by Recording Academy

The Recording Academy has clarified its stance on AI in music. Grammy chief, Harvey Mason Jr., stated that while AI can be utilized in creating music, it won't be recognized with a nomination or award. The intention is to highlight human creativity and excellence, with AI serving merely as a tool. However, a song that has no human authorship is not eligible in any category, but an AI-assisted composition, as in the case of cleaning up an old vocal track, is permissible.

Grammys to focus on human creativity

Further elaborating on the use of AI, Mason explained that while material utilizing AI can be submitted, only the human aspect of the composition or performance is considered for an award. Therefore, if a song is written by a human and AI is used to model voices or create new ones, only the human-authored parts would be eligible for an award. This rule stipulates that as long as there's more than minimal human involvement, the song can still be considered for nomination.

Ghostwriter has been commended for his innovative approach in integrating AI in music creation. According to Mason, Ghostwriter is 'very forward-looking' and 'creative,' pushing boundaries and opening discussions about the possibilities of AI in music. By creating 'Heart on My Sleeve,' Ghostwriter knowingly stirred up controversy, highlighting the imminent challenges and considerations of incorporating AI in creative fields.

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