Artificial Intelligence Powers CEO of a Polish Drinks Firm Who Works Non-stop

JJohn September 17, 2023 2:28 PM

CEO Mika, an AI-powered humanoid at the helm of Polish drinks company Dictador, works 24/7 with no weekends. Her responsibilities range from spotting potential clients, picking artists to design bottles, leading a decentralized autonomous organization project, and much more.

AI-powered CEO sets a new standard

Mika, the AI-powered CEO at the helm of Dictador, a Polish drinks firm, is a tireless worker who operates 24/7, seven days a week. Unlike humans, she doesn't require breaks or weekends off, making her the epitome of a dedicated leader.

AI in client acquisition and design selection

Apart from performing executive tasks, Mika also brings considerable value to the company by identifying potential clients and choosing artists to design their rum bottles. By leveraging AI-powered analytics, she ensures that Dictador remains relevant and appealing to its target market.

While Mika holds the CEO position, she is not involved in significant decisions such as employee termination. Such critical decisions are left to the human executives at Dictador, reinforcing the notion that no matter how advanced AI gets, the human touch remains irreplaceable in some aspects of business leadership.

AI leading in decentralized project management

Mika's responsibilities stretch beyond traditional CEO duties. She leads the company's Arthouse Spirits decentralized autonomous organization, a project that involves a collection of NFTs. Mika also engages with the DAO community, further highlighting the diverse roles that AI can play in today's business world.

Mika's capabilities exceed those of her prototype, the globally recognized AI robot Sophia. Being a more advanced version, Mika embodies the progress and potential of AI in not just mimicking human roles, but also enhancing them with a level of efficiency that goes beyond human limitations.

Rise of AI in corporate leadership

Dictador is part of a growing trend where companies incorporate AI into their corporate leadership. Previously, a Chinese gaming firm also appointed an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot as CEO of its subsidiary, showing the increasing acceptance of AI in executive positions.

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