Artificial Intelligence: The Next Big Leap for Prince George’s County Classrooms

JJohn August 6, 2023 12:02 AM

Prince George’s County Public Schools are taking a bold leap into the future by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) in classrooms. With a three-year partnership with nonprofit aiEDU and a $1 million grant, the school district is set to redefine the conventional education system.

Redefining education with AI

In an attempt to enhance the learning process, Millard House II, the superintendent of Prince George’s County Public Schools, has set his sights on artificial intelligence. Utilizing AI's potential, House believes that this emerging technology could be a significant game-changer in the education sector. A tech-forward push, this initiative reflects the district's willingness to embrace cutting-edge advancements.

Partnership for AI equity

In this mission for an AI-integrated education, the school district has formed a partnership with aiEDU, a nonprofit organization. This collaboration aims to democratize AI experiences, ensuring an equitable platform for all students. aiEDU, headed by CEO Alex Kotran, sees AI as a promising tool to aid marginalized students, despite the potential safety and equity risks associated with its use.

This ambitious AI initiative is backed by substantial financial support. The Pull Up Fund has granted a sum of $1 million to fund this project over three years. This financial backing ensures that the endeavor to integrate AI in classrooms can be fully realized, providing a unique opportunity for students and teachers alike to delve into the world of AI.

Training teachers for the AI era

To ensure a smooth transition into AI-assisted classrooms, the district is conducting extensive training sessions for teachers. These sessions aim to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize AI tools, creating a community of practice. The training also serves to create a well-rounded understanding of AI, its applications, and possible implications in a classroom setting.

The incorporation of AI in classrooms is not only an educational stride but also aligns with broader state policies. Maryland Gov. Wes Moore’s administration has been actively promoting policies to boost the state's economy, with a significant focus on driving new investments in AI technology. The AI initiative in Prince George’s County Public Schools is thus in sync with the state’s economic development strategies.

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