Atlas: The 3D Generative AI Platform Revolutionizing Virtual Worldbuilding

JJohn November 14, 2023 5:17 PM

Atlas, a 3D generative AI platform, bursts onto the scene after a stealth period, bagging $6 million in seed funding. The Vienna-based startup is geared to drastically reduce the time used in creating virtual worlds by partnering with game developers and brands.

Launch and seed funding of Atlas

Emerging from two years of operating in stealth, Atlas, an AI platform specializing in 3D generative modeling, is officially launching. The Vienna-based startup has successfully amassed $6 million in seed funding, indicating strong investor confidence in the novel technology it brings to the table. The funding came in two rounds: a $4.5M round led by 6th Man Ventures and a $1.5M round steered by Collab+Currency.

The brains behind Atlas: Ben James

The innovative startup hails from Vienna and was founded in early 2021 by Ben James. A self-taught coder, James has a background in architecture and brings a unique perspective to Atlas' technology. He sees architecture from the lens of machine vision and believes in extracting three-dimensional information from 2D imagery, which forms the backbone of Atlas' technology.

Early on in its journey, Atlas was granted a research fund from the European Union’s High-Level Expert Group on AI. This endorsement not only boosted Atlas's development but also ensured that its technology was built complying with the union’s Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, making Atlas a responsible participant in the AI-tech landscape.

In-house expertise fuels Atlas' growth

The proprietary software that powers Atlas was developed in-house by a talented team skilled in AI, gaming, and design. This hands-on approach to technology development has already produced impressive results. According to Atlas, their past projects have witnessed a staggering 200 times speed increase, showcasing the platform's potential to revolutionize 3D model generation and virtual world creation.

Atlas has already attracted a promising roster of partners, including Consortium 9. Additionally, Shrapnel and Square Enix, two organizations that initially joined Atlas as partners, have transitioned into investor roles, a testament to the trust and belief they have in Atlas' capabilities and potential.

Atlas' plans for a public platform

While currently focused on enterprise and commercial sectors, Atlas has broader plans for its technology. The company intends to begin alpha testing for a public platform in the near future, opening up its powerful 3D generative AI engine to a wider audience. This public platform will allow users to upload reference images and generate 3D models within their specific game style and aesthetic.

When it comes to their business model, founder Ben James reveals that Atlas will adhere to a standard license-based approach. This model is favored for its simplicity and compatibility with Atlas' product offering, making it a practical and effective choice.

Utilization of seed funding

Atlas has strategic plans for its seed funding. The startup anticipates utilizing the funds to accelerate the expansion of its developer solutions suite and for the buildout of its self-service 3D AI creator platform. The latter will bring Atlas' innovative technology within reach of creators without requiring advanced coding or 3D modeling skills.

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