Baidu Unleashes a Suite of AI Applications Following Ernie Chatbot's Success

JJohn September 5, 2023 12:25 PM

Following the success of its AI-powered Ernie chatbot, Baidu, a Chinese tech giant, has released a wide range of AI applications. The new applications, showcased at a recent event, include generative AI products and a cloud platform that's already used by thousands of businesses.

AI advancements by Baidu

Baidu, the leading Chinese tech firm, has made a significant leap in the use of AI technology. Following the triumphant public release of its Ernie chatbot, the company has now introduced over 10 new AI-based applications. These enhancements are a testament to Baidu's commitment to integrating AI into different aspects of modern life, bringing innovative solutions to the mainstream.

Introduction of WPS AI

One of the exciting reveals at Baidu's event was the WPS AI, a generative AI-integrated word processing app, developed by Shanghai-listed Kingsoft Office. This app, built using the same AI model as Baidu's Ernie chatbot, is a significant stride towards making AI more accessible in daily tasks, such as document creation and editing. The integration of AI with word processing apps paves the way for efficient and intelligent content creation.

Illustrating its solid footing in the enterprise sector, Baidu revealed that its Qianfan cloud platform is used actively by nearly 10,000 businesses each month. This platform, integral to Baidu's AI development and deployment, has been crucial in supporting businesses as they adopt and integrate AI technologies into their operations. This high level of adoption indicates a growing trust in Baidu's AI solutions in the business world.

Baidu disclosed that its AI-powered tool, integrated into its cloud product similar to Google Drive, has been used by over 6 million users. This AI tool, capable of searching documents, summarizing and translating text, and creating content, is a strong example of how Baidu is leveraging AI to improve productivity and efficiency in daily tasks, proving the company's ability to bring AI to the masses.

Generative AI solutions for diverse sectors

In its quest to infiltrate various sectors with AI technology, Baidu also showcased generative AI-based products aimed at improving traffic management, supporting financial research, and streamlining coal mine logistics. These applications highlight Baidu's dedication to using AI to solve real-world problems in diverse industries, underlining the versatility and potential of AI technology.

Government approval for Baidu's Ernie bot

Baidu's Ernie bot, which gained public access on Aug. 31, marks a significant milestone as it signals government approval of the AI-powered chatbot. This approval is a notable endorsement of Baidu's AI technology, reinforcing the company's standing in the AI industry. It also opens up opportunities for other Chinese firms to explore and release similar AI products.

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