Beyond Silicon Valley: Steve Case's Revolutionary Investment Strategy

NNicholas September 16, 2023 3:08 PM

Steve Case, AOL co-founder, is making strategic bets on startups outside the conventional venture capital hubs like Silicon Valley. His unique approach, once dismissed as counterintuitive, is proving to be prescient as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to redefine where people live, work, and invest.

Backing Atlanta's Aerospace Prowess

Steve Case's enthusiasm for speed is evident in his backing of Hermeus, a company that's developing a Mach 5 aircraft for transatlantic flights. The startup was founded by a Georgia Tech graduate and is based in Atlanta, reinforcing Case's commitment to supporting ventures outside of the traditional hubs. It's an endorsement of the Atlanta's growing aerospace sector and the wealth of knowledge and skills at Georgia Tech.

Revolution's Counterintuitive Strategy

Through his investment firm, Revolution, Case has been pushing for years to invest in locations beyond the conventional venture hubs. This strategy, seen as counterintuitive at first, has gained relevance as the pandemic continues to change the dynamics of where people live, work, and invest. Covid-19 has been a tipping point, causing an acceleration of startups in what Case calls 'Rise of the Rest' cities.

Case's belief in the potential of startups located outside traditional venture capital strongholds has led to over 200 diverse investments across the US. He's backed companies like Carbon Robotics, an AI-powered weed control solution for farmers, and Gig Wage, a financial infrastructure platform for gig economy workers. Moreover, he has invested in Arcade, a productivity platform for sales teams, further demonstrating his commitment to supporting a wide range of startups across different sectors.

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