Brave Unveils Leo: Its New Privacy-First AI Chatbot

JJohn November 2, 2023 6:34 PM

Brave, the privacy-centric browser, has launched Leo, an in-built AI assistant that champions user privacy. Unlike other AI chatbots, Leo does not record conversations or use them for AI training, and no login information is necessary.

Brave introduces Leo for desktop users

Brave, known for its strict stance on privacy, is introducing Leo, an AI assistant integrated into its browser. This new chatbot aims to protect user privacy more efficiently than its competitors. For now, it's accessible to all desktop users of Brave who have the 1.60 version of the browser. The company plans to gradually roll out Leo to all its users, with its mobile versions expected in the coming months.

Leo's features emphasize user privacy

Leo isn't a run-of-the-mill AI chatbot. It offers numerous features such as translation, answering inquiries, summarizing web content, and creating new content. What sets Leo apart is its dedication to privacy. Unlike other AI chatbots, interactions with Leo are not stored or used to refine AI models. Additionally, users don't need to provide login information to use it, thus ensuring an extra layer of privacy.

Leo uses Meta's Llama 2, a large language model, in its standard version. Brave is also catering to users wishing for alternative AI language models with Leo Premium. This premium subscription costs $15 per month and boasts Anthropic’s AI assistant, Claude Instant. This budget-friendly version of Anthropic’s Claude 2 large language model offers a different experience for users.

CTO emphasizes need for privacy-first AI solutions

Brian Bondy, the CTO and co-founder of Brave, acknowledges that while AI can be a potent tool, it also raises data privacy concerns. As such, he believes in the urgent need for a privacy-first solution. Bondy expressed Brave's dedication to merging AI with user privacy, promising to deliver secure and personalized AI assistance where users spend the majority of their time online.

Leo Premium is poised to be more than just a chatbot with a different AI model. Subscribers will enjoy access to other models, engage in higher-quality conversations, and benefit from priority queuing during peak times. They'll also enjoy higher rate limits and be first in line to try out new features. However, the exact timeline for these additional perks remains unclear.

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