Breaking Down AI Adoption Across Generations: A Study by Salesforce

NNicholas September 8, 2023 5:12 AM

Salesforce's recent research brings to light the generational gaps in the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The research unveils the stark differences between the frequency of AI use among Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers, and examines the reasons behind the slow adoption by certain cohorts.

AI adoption split in general population

The adoption of AI tools is an uneven split in the general population, according to Salesforce's study. Approximately half of the surveyed population has ventured into employing generative AI, while the remaining half remains untouched by this technology. The divide hints at the potential growth areas for AI and the need for more widespread education and awareness about the technology.

The younger generations, particularly Gen Z and millennials, are leading the charge in the use of AI tools. About two-thirds of AI users fall into these age categories, with the majority holding employment. This highlights not only the tech-savviness of these generations but also the increasing integration of AI tools into professional environments.

Gen Z has a particularly high engagement rate with AI tools, with 70% using generative AI, and at least half of these individuals using it on a weekly basis or more. This high-frequency usage demonstrates Gen Z's comfort level with technology and their willingness to incorporate AI into their daily routines.

AI: A transformative tool for users

The impact of AI extends beyond mere functional utility for its users. According to Salesforce's research, over half of generative AI users believe that the technology is playing a transformative role in their lives. This perception suggests that the integration of AI is not just about convenience or efficiency, but also about the potential to reshape lifestyles and redefine personal and professional experiences.

Data security: key to wider AI adoption

Despite the excitement around AI, there are still concerns that need to be addressed. Salesforce's study found that enhancing the security and safety of users' data emerged as the top reason that could encourage wider use of AI tools across all age groups. This underlines the need for tech companies to prioritize data security to build trust and foster the broader adoption of AI tools.

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