Catch Up With the Latest AI Developments: Trials, Terminations, & Transformations

JJohn August 5, 2023 6:36 PM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments continue to unfold rapidly, from AI-generated video summaries to shifts in AI-powered search features. However, as AI remains a work in progress, certain concerns persist, such as potential mistakes and biases, and the extent of AI's effectiveness.

YouTube Experiments with AI-Generated Video Summaries

YouTube has embarked on an intriguing AI experiment - generating video summaries with AI. These summaries are only available for a limited number of English-language videos and viewers at present. The intent is to enhance discovery and accessibility, particularly for videos where the creators couldn't be bothered to pen a description. However, concerns loom about potential mistakes and biases that the AI might embed within these summaries.

AI Models' Tendency to 'Hallucinate' Facts

Despite the rapid advancements in AI, even the best models are prone to 'hallucinating.' OpenAI's GPT-4, a prominent text-generating-and-summarizing model, is a case in point. It's been found guilty of making considerable reasoning errors and inventing 'facts'. Instances of GPT-4 creating references, facts, and figures without any identifiable link to real sources have been documented, casting a shadow on its credibility and reliability.

Challenges with AI-Generated Summaries

AI-generated video summaries face immense challenges. Given the complexity of analyzing the content contained within videos, the potential for AI to go awry is high. Even though YouTube has ventured into AI-generated video summaries, evaluating their quality isn't straightforward. Plus, it's well recognized that AI is not particularly effective at summarizing text content.

The application of AI extends far beyond video or text summarization. It's making waves in a plethora of scientific domains. From predicting drug interactions, which could help unravel complex interactions between infectious organisms and the host immune system, to identifying potentially hazardous asteroids, AI's potential is being explored and harnessed in diverse fields. The scope and impact of AI in these areas signify a revolution in the way we approach scientific challenges.

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