CES 2024: Unleashing AI Innovations in Tech

JJohn January 10, 2024 7:02 AM

CES 2024 proves to be a breakthrough year for Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it dominates the tech scene with creative applications. From AI digital assistants and robots to AI-enhanced products, the event showcases how AI is revolutionizing various spheres of technology.

AI dominates CES 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a significant splash at CES 2024, transforming the tech landscape with its creativity. From generative AI to AI that's been around for years, AI's applications have become diverse and innovative. Whether it's in the new gadgets or the already established tech, artificial intelligence is the talk of the town.

Rabbit R1: AI digital assistant

The Rabbit R1 is a new piece of tech at CES 2024, costing $199, that aims to simplify the tasks we normally do with our phones. Using its AI digital assistant, the R1 can handle tasks from streaming playlists to ordering takeout, all by simply pressing a button. It does away with phone apps and instead uses secure cloud-based apps to do the heavy lifting.

Samsung's Ballie: The AI robot pet

Samsung's Ballie, an AI personal assistant robot, is another star at CES 2024. The robot, updated with new design and onboard projector, behaves like an AI pet. It can wander around your house and respond when called. The robot's onboard projector automatically adjusts to the posture and facial angle of people in the room, providing an unprecedented user experience.

The gaming world also gets a taste of AI at CES 2024 with the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro. This phone is powered by the AI-centered Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, introducing several new features. These include Semantic Search, for processing search entries, an AI noise-canceling feature for voice and video calls, and an AI wallpaper generator for creating designs based on selected objects and backgrounds.

Samsung's AI upscaling and image generation

Samsung also pushes the boundaries in TV technology, using AI to upscale standard definition content to 8K resolution, a first in the industry. AI is also used to generate images and switch TV modes automatically based on the type of content being played. This innovation shows how AI is redefining visual viewing experiences.

AI chatbot integration in Volkswagen vehicles

In the field of automotive, Volkswagen is integrating the AI chatbot, ChatGPT, into its line of electric vehicles and even in its gas-powered cars. This allows owners to interact more with their cars, for instance, asking for restaurant suggestions. This shows AI's potential in revolutionizing car ownership experience.

AI image processing in LG OLED TVs

LG is also stepping up in the TV game by introducing AI image processing to their top-end OLED TVs. With the Alpha 11 processor, these TVs can use AI to enhance image clarity, color and sharpness, providing an exceptional visual experience for viewers.

Microsoft is making AI more accessible in personal computing by introducing a dedicated AI key in their laptops. This move demonstrates Microsoft's commitment in enhancing user experience through AI and shows AI's increasing significance in everyday tech.

AI-controlled Perfecta Grill by Seer

In the realm of kitchen appliances, Seer Grill's new AI-controlled Perfecta promises to get better over time. As you grill meats vertically in the Perfecta, the AI learns and improves at cooking. This not only ensures the perfectly grilled steak every time but also shows how AI can enhance culinary experiences.

The Oclean X Ultra toothbrush uses AI to help users improve their brushing habits. This novel utilization of AI is a good example of how AI is making its way into personal care products, transforming our daily routines for better oral health.

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