Could AI Bots Replace Skilled Professionals? House of Lords Discusses

JJohn July 24, 2023 11:46 PM

Experts at a House of Lords debate discussed the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to replace professionals in the near future. A peer hypothesised that AI could replace jobs with higher efficiency, knowledge, and lower running costs, raising concerns about the impact on the UK jobs market.

AI bots may replace professional roles

During a discussion at the House of Lords, a member suggested that the future could see AI bots replacing roles traditionally held by humans. The prospect of these automated entities possessing deeper knowledge and higher productivity, along with lower running costs, was brought up. This shift would not only affect the House of Lords but could potentially ripple across various professional sectors.

AI and automation impacting job security

Increasingly, companies are turning to AI and automation as viable alternatives to human labor. A case in point is IBM, which has halted nearly 7,800 jobs that could be replaced by these technologies. This decision underscores the potential of AI in reshaping the labor market, raising questions about job security and the future of work.

Highly skilled professions facing AI disruption

The influence of the 'AI revolution' is not confined solely to manual or repetitive tasks. Professions that require a high degree of skill, including those in law, medicine, and finance, are also seen as likely candidates for AI disruption. This challenges the traditional notion that higher education and skills provide immunity against automation.

Concerns about AI's impact extend beyond job displacement. Television producer, Charles Colville, voiced fears that AI's efficiency could overshadow human journalism. He expressed concerns of a future where news articles are created by AI, bereft of human emotion and relatability, robbing journalism of its fundamental human elements.

While AI brings numerous opportunities, it also carries significant challenges. AI minister, Jonathan Berry, drew attention to these two sides of the AI coin. Advancements in AI offer solutions in healthcare, climate change, and other sectors but also pose threats such as fraud and disinformation, especially in the era of deepfakes. Balancing the benefits and risks is essential in the journey towards AI integration.

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