Decoding TIME's Selection Process for the Top 100 Most Influential People in AI

JJohn September 7, 2023 2:52 PM

The article discusses the importance and fast-paced growth of AI technology, and the process that TIME followed to curate their list of the 100 most influential people in AI. It emphasizes the role of human labor in AI advancements and underscores the significant influence of these individuals.

AI's human mimicry: A double-edged sword

Artificial Intelligence's potential for mimicking human skills and then going above and beyond is what sets it apart. It's a marvel that's equally admired and feared. The defining characteristic of AI is its capability to model human behavior. However, every progress in machine learning and large language models is the result of human effort and strategic decision-making on how to optimally utilize this technology. This aspect is often overlooked but is crucially important.

The cover of TIME magazine is often a reflection of societal changes and the forces that shape them. This has been true this year as well, with Generative AI making its debut on TIME's cover. This type of AI, known best through tools like ChatGPT, can produce text, images, videos, and other content. TIME correspondents have marked this shift as the most important technological breakthrough since social media.

The diverse faces of TIME100 AI

The TIME100 AI list is a testament to the diversity of talent and influence in the AI field. It includes individuals from teenagers like Sneha Revanur, who is leading the charge for ethical AI, to industry veterans like Geoffrey Hinton, who has spent his career advancing AI technology. The list also includes industry leaders at the forefront of the AI boom, individuals dealing with the ethical issues surrounding AI usage, and innovators using AI to address social problems.

AI's unprecedented growth trajectory

One key theme that emerges from TIME's reporting on AI is the extraordinary pace at which the field is growing. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt shares his perspective, saying that the current level of innovation surpasses anything he's witnessed in his career. He emphasizes that AI's growth is faster than the cumulative growth of other significant tech revolutions, including the web revolution, Facebook, Google, and more.

The TIME100 AI list effectively maps out the primary relationships and powerhouses driving AI development. It includes a mix of rivals and regulators, scientists and artists, advocates and executives. Each individual on the list plays a part in shaping the direction of this increasingly influential technology. Their insights, desires, and flaws all have a significant role in determining the future of AI.

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