Dell Dives into the World of Generative AI

JJohn July 31, 2023 7:51 PM

Big news as Dell, the renowned PC maker, expands its horizons into generative AI, offering hardware to support powerful models and a platform to help organizations get started. This positions Dell in the league of tech giants venturing into generative AI.

Dell's entry into generative AI

Dell, widely known as a PC manufacturer, is expanding its portfolio by venturing into the realm of generative AI. The company is now offering hardware solutions designed to run powerful AI models, thereby demonstrating its commitment to participating in the AI revolution. In a bid to assist organizations in jumpstarting their generative AI projects, Dell has launched a platform called 'Dell Generative AI Solutions'. This step by Dell paves the way for companies to harness the power of large language models and establish their presence in the AI sphere.

Dell's offerings for generative AI projects

In order to facilitate efficient and speedy generative AI projects, Dell is introducing new hardware setups. Moreover, it is following in the footsteps of tech giants like Amazon by offering a managed service platform. To ensure the smooth running of these projects, Dell is also launching computers specifically designed for this purpose. This strategic move by Dell demonstrates its dedication to providing comprehensive technology solutions for generative AI.

Dell's partnership with Nvidia and future plans

In a strategic partnership with Nvidia, Dell is leveraging Nvidia’s Tensor Core GPU in conjunction with its own enterprise AI software and data storage. This blend of technology is designed to significantly accelerate the speed at which AI models can operate. Furthermore, Dell has plans to unveil a new line of computers equipped with inbuilt AI capabilities, testament to its commitment to integrating AI with hardware solutions.

Dell is not stopping at just offering hardware and software solutions for generative AI. The company has also announced 'Dell Professional Services', a platform aimed at assisting users in their initial experimentation with generative AI models. In addition, the platform will provide troubleshooting support once these AI models are integrated into business operations, further solidifying Dell's end-to-end support in the AI journey of businesses.

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