Dell Technologies Commits $7.5bn to AI and Other Innovations

JJohn October 8, 2023 10:01 AM

Dell Technologies is investing $7.5bn in research and development over the next three years, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI). The investment is part of the company's strategy to keep pace with AI's second revolution, which is generative AI.

Dell's sizable investment in AI

Senior Vice President of Dell Technologies, Mohamed Amin, declared the company's commitment to innovation with a staggering $7.5bn investment in research and development over the next three years. A substantial part of this investment will be dedicated to artificial intelligence. The company's vision is to stay at the forefront of AI's second revolution, dubbed 'generative artificial intelligence'.

The transformational power of generative AI

According to Amin, generative AI, a critical focus of their investment, has the potential to revolutionize industries by creating new types of information. This advanced form of AI can provide personalized services, reshaping competition and transforming industries. The current trend is towards developing AI more for companies and institutions than for individuals, and Dell is keen on being part of this shift.

Apart from AI, Dell Technologies is also directing its investments towards peripheral products. The company is bracing for a significant upswing in the volume of information generated by the 'edge'. By 2025, it's expected that about 70% of all information will originate from the edge, facilitating faster responses and various modern innovations, like self-driving cars that require high-speed information processing.

Amin shared projections indicating that digital output will fuel the global economy in the years to come. By 2030, it's estimated that half of the global national product will be tied to digital output. The trend suggests a shift where machines will start making decisions, and humans will be responsible for executing those decisions. Egypt, according to Amin, is well-positioned to keep pace with this global development.

Dell's role in Egypt's digital transformation

Mohamed Talaat, Vice President of Dell Technologies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, and the Levant, emphasized Dell's integral role in executing national digital transformation projects in Egypt. From storage services to servers, CSG products, and notebooks, the company holds significant market shares. Talaat also stated that Dell's investments in Egypt continue to grow despite numerous challenges.

Preparing for AI implementation in Egypt

Tarek Haiba, General Manager of Dell Technologies in Egypt and Libya, underscored the importance of infrastructure and citizen preparedness for reaping the full benefits of AI. He insisted that infrastructure development and adequate training for citizens and specialists are integral to leading AI implementation in Egypt. Dell Technologies is actively involved in these areas, absorbing activities in universities and providing materials for education.

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