Exclusive Generative AI Capabilities to Debut in iPhone 16 Series

NNicholas November 13, 2023 12:17 PM

Apple is reportedly developing its next-generation iPhone 16 series with exclusive generative AI features, as per a recent Bloomberg report. These features, which are expected to be major selling points for the new devices, may align with similar AI-driven functionalities seen in Google and Samsung devices.

Generative AI features in iPhone 16 series

Apple is reportedly taking a measured approach towards the development of iOS 18, with a special emphasis on generative AI features for its upcoming iPhone 16 series. This insight comes from a Bloomberg report by Mark Gurman, highlighting that these AI functionalities will be the major highlights and unique selling points for these new devices. However, the report did not provide specific information on the nature of these AI features.

Speculations about iPhone's new AI features

While specifics about the AI features are yet to be revealed, industry speculation suggests that these could include capabilities similar to those currently offered by Google and Samsung. These may comprise text-to-image generation, the ability to summarize documents, and translate content among others. Additionally, rumors are suggesting that Apple might be planning to use its LLM model to give Siri a major overhaul.

AI features as key selling points for iPhone 16

The iPhone 16 series is not expected to introduce major hardware changes, with the new AI features being the primary selling points instead. Apple is expected to launch the new series with the Apple A18 chip across all four models. This strategy indicates a shift in Apple's approach to focus more on software enhancements than on hardware improvements.

On the hardware front, the Pro devices within the iPhone 16 series are rumored to boast a few new features. These include a new Capture Button located near the power button on the right side, smaller Dynamic Islands, and a 5x optical zoom camera on the 16 Pro device. However, these changes are expected to be relatively minor compared to the touted AI capabilities.

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