France to Lead the Way in Hosting the Next Global AI Safety Summit

NNicholas November 12, 2023 12:46 PM

As countries around the world jostle for dominance in the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), France has stepped forward to host the next AI safety summit. This move comes in the wake of the first summit organized by Britain, setting the stage for a European leadership in AI technology.

France takes lead in AI safety

France is making its mark in the AI world, announcing that it will host the next AI safety summit. This move is a logical next step, following Britain's hosting of the inaugural summit, according to French Minister Delegate for the Digital Economy, Jean-Noël Barrot. Barrot stressed the importance of international cooperation in AI security, positioning France as a proactive player in this vital area for future development.

Britain has been transparent with its intentions to be at the forefront of AI, with significant and increasing commitments of hundreds of millions of dollars dedicated to research and development. This funding is a clear indicator of the country's firm resolve to be a global leader in this transformative technology.

France's investment in AI

France's commitment to AI isn't just talk. It has put its money where its mouth is, pledging around $534 million to support global AI initiatives. This significant financial backing is further evidence of France's aim to be a key player in the future of AI.

Global agreement on AI safety

The first summit resulted in a significant step forward for AI safety. Under the Bletchley Declaration, 28 countries and the European Union agreed on the need for a new global effort to ensure AI is developed and used responsibly. The agreement represents a concerted effort to ensure that AI technology does not become a threat.

The competition for AI dominance is currently split between the West and China, with each side striving to gain an upper hand. Cooperation on AI research and development is likely to be shaped by their existing geopolitical relationships, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing AI race.

Aligning with EU's AI strategy

While the date for the next summit remains unspecified, what's clear is that France's approach to AI safety will align with the overall European Union's strategy for AI governance. This alignment underscores the broader commitment to AI safety within the European community.

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