G-20 Leaders Deliberate AI Risks and Call for Worldwide Supervision

JJohn September 10, 2023 12:06 PM

At the G-20 summit, leaders discussed the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for economic development alongside the necessity of protecting human rights. Some advocated for a global AI governance framework, emphasizing the need to balance its advantages with associated risks.

G-20 leaders discuss AI potential and oversight

At the globally significant G-20 summit, discussions centered around the dual perspectives of AI - its immense potential for economic growth and the equally important imperative of safeguarding human rights. The rapidly advancing technology has escalated the call for a more consolidated approach, prompting several leaders to propose the idea of a global body to oversee AI applications and developments. The intent is to ensure a balanced and responsible evolution of AI that can contribute positively to economies while still preserving fundamental human rights.

Proposed ‘human-centric’ AI governance framework

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the host of the G-20 summit, strongly advocated for a 'human-centric' AI governance framework. This sentiment was shared by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen who proposed a similar oversight body, drawing parallels to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Such a governing body would focus on ensuring AI developments are primarily geared towards the betterment of humanity and are not misused or manipulated to violate human rights or ethical standards.

G-20 pledge for responsible AI development

In a united declaration, the G-20 leaders pledged to advocate for the 'responsible development, deployment, and use' of AI. They emphasized the significance of protecting individual rights, maintaining transparency, safeguarding privacy, and ensuring data protection. By addressing these key areas, the G-20 aims to prevent potential misuse of AI and circumvent any associated negative ramifications. This commitment is a significant stride towards establishing a comprehensive and globally accepted set of rules for responsible AI use.

In a milestone event, the UK has been slated to host the world's first global summit dedicated to AI on November 1-2. This summit is expected to provide a global platform for discussions on AI advancements, their potential impact, and the importance of an ethical, responsible approach to AI development and deployment. The UK's role as the host signifies its ambition to be at the forefront of this pivotal technology.

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