Generative AI: A Tech Adoption Phenomenon Like No Other

NNicholas September 12, 2023 3:27 PM

New research from Salesforce reveals that generative AI, a state-of-the-art technology, is being adopted at an incredibly rapid pace. In less than a year, almost half of the surveyed population have utilized it, marking one of the fastest technology adoptions in history.

Rapid adoption of generative AI

According to a recent study by Salesforce, generative AI has taken the world by storm in terms of its adoption rate. The survey, which collected data from over 4,000 respondents across the United States, UK, Australia, and India, found that an impressive 49% of participants have embraced generative AI technology. This rapid integration of generative AI into daily life within a year marks one of the fastest technology adoptions ever observed.

Generative AI 'super-users' emerge

The study also uncovered a distinct segment of generative AI 'super-users,' primarily composed of Millennials and Gen Z individuals. These users are confidently exploring the potential of generative AI, with many already integrating it into their everyday lives. Interestingly, a whopping 70% of Gen Z users have adopted this technology, which highlights the generation gap in technology adoption.

In contrast, the study revealed a certain level of apprehension and disengagement towards generative AI among non-users, who mainly belong to the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. A significant 88% of non-users professed a lack of clear understanding of how generative AI could impact their lives, signifying a need for better education and awareness about this emerging technology.

Diverse applications of generative AI

The users of generative AI are not limiting its usage to a specific area. They are actively exploring a variety of applications, particularly in their professional environments. A substantial 75% of users wish to automate tasks at work and use generative AI for work-related communications, emphasizing the important role this technology could play in the future of work.

Non-users' prerequisites for adopting generative AI

For the non-users, the path to adopting generative AI involves addressing specific concerns. Safety and security top their list of concerns, with 64% of non-users emphasizing the need for enhanced measures. Additionally, 70% expressed a willingness to engage more with generative AI if they possessed a better understanding of the technology. This highlights the need for improved education and familiarization efforts.

Reflecting on the study's astonishing findings, Clara Shih, the CEO of Salesforce AI, acknowledged the unprecedented speed of generative AI adoption. She emphasized the transformative potential of AI and the importance of making it accessible and trustworthy for everyone to ensure a more enjoyable and productive work environment.

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