Genesis: Is Google's Latest AI Tool the Future of Journalism?

JJohn July 20, 2023 6:16 AM

Google's rumored AI tool, dubbed 'Genesis,' is alleged to produce news reports from factual input. However, the credibility and functionality of this 'responsible technology' are under scrutiny, given Google's history with AI technology and the media industry's challenges with Google.

Google introduces Genesis to media giants

Google's much-talked-about AI tool, 'Genesis,' has been demonstrated to media executives from big names like the New York Times, Washington Post, and News Corp, according to anonymous sources. However, the efficiency and effectiveness of this tool in producing news stories remain to be seen. Some executives noted that the Genesis AI seemed to ignore the effort that goes into crafting accurate, well-written news pieces, while others viewed it more as a handy assistant.

The reliability of Google's Genesis tool is under the microscope, particularly given the tech giant's track record with AI models. Instances like the flawed Star Wars list posted on io9 by G/O Media and missteps in Google's AI model for hospitals have highlighted the shortcomings of using AI in content creation. It's also worth noting that Google's fluctuating focus on new products may add to potential users' concerns.

Google's contentious relationship with the media industry

Despite Google's assurances about exposure for local papers via Google News, the media industry has a long list of grievances against the tech behemoth. Efforts to negotiate with Google have been made, alongside legal challenges like the ongoing lawsuit from newspaper giant Gannett. The company alleges that Google's adtech monopolies have negatively impacted local news, adding another layer of complexity to the relationship between Google and the media industry.

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