Germany Pioneers Military Metaverse with Heavy Investment in AI-driven Virtual Training

JJohn September 14, 2023 9:42 AM

Germany is revolutionizing the future of combat by heavily investing in an artificial intelligence-driven virtual training area, dubbed as the military 'metaverse'. The project, funded by the German Defense Ministry, combines AI-based decision-making and the ability to simulate unpredictable conditions, offering a risk-free environment for testing weapons and systems.

Germany invests in military 'metaverse'

Germany is setting the stage for the future of combat by investing heavily in an artificial intelligence-driven virtual training area. This military 'metaverse', as some have called it, is a project that competes with the big players in the industry, according to GhostPlay project manager Gary Schaal. Developed by 21strategies, the virtual battlefield GhostPlay offers a risk-free environment for testing different weapons and systems. Funded by the German Defense Ministry, this initiative aims to jumpstart the country's high-tech defense sector.

GhostPlay: AI-based decision-making platform

At the heart of this initiative is the GhostPlay platform, a simulation environment where AI-based decision-making happens at machine speed. Its goal is to develop superior strategies by simulating complex military battle scenarios. This allows for greater flexibility and superiority at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Moreover, the simulations can create unpredictable conditions, thereby enhancing the thoroughness of testing and depth of preparation for military planning.

'Third-wave' algorithms for human-like decisions

One unique feature that sets the GhostPlay platform apart is its use of 'third-wave' algorithms. As explained by 21strategies CEO Yvonne Hofstetter, these algorithms enable more 'human-like' decision-making from the simulated units. While second-wave algorithms optimize or speed up decision-making, third-wave algorithms help create new situations and determine novel actions. The platform also seeks to recreate environments with high accuracy, using satellite photos and local databases on everything from housing to vegetation.

Among the most promising exercises explored on the platform is the optimization of swarm tactics, especially loitering munitions. The Office of Army Development has collaborated with GhostPlay because of its ability to recreate detailed environments where the munitions would be deployed. Such advances in AI-driven military strategy hold the potential to change the face of warfare as we know it.

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