Google's Experimental AI-driven Note-Taking Tool: A Preview of a Potential Powerhouse

NNicholas August 28, 2023 4:07 PM

Google's AI-driven note-taking tool, NotebookLM, is in the early stages of development, offering users a chatbot interface to interact with their notes. Although it's still a prototype, the tool has shown potential in transforming how we interact with documents, promising a more personalized and efficient research and study experience.

Google's innovative AI note-taking tool

Google is putting AI to work in an innovative way with their new note-taking app, NotebookLM. Still in its prototype stage, it's designed to help users interact and organize their notes. Originally announced as Project Tailwind, this tool is currently its own standalone app, although it may eventually be incorporated into Google Docs or Drive. The tech community is eagerly watching its development, intrigued by the potential for AI to revolutionize how we interact with personal notes.

Using NotebookLM involves creating a project and adding sources of information, currently limited to Google Docs. As the tool evolves, it's expected to accept a wider variety of information sources. Once the sources are added, the app creates a 'Source Guide', summarizing the document and suggesting key topics and questions. This process has attracted users who appreciate the organization and summary capabilities of the app.

NotebookLM's chatbot-style interaction

NotebookLM takes user interaction with documents to a new level. Instead of being just an organizational tool, it functions like a chatbot, specifically trained on the sources you've provided. This unique feature allows users to probe the information in their documents with targeted questions. While the tool is still learning how to answer questions reliably, its ability to highlight relevant information in response to questions has been highly praised.

Useful citations provided by NotebookLM

Every answer that NotebookLM provides is accompanied by citations. These are not exactly sources, but rather key snippets of text that the AI deemed most relevant to the question, which it synthesizes to form an answer. While the actual synthesis and answering are not always perfect, users have found the citations themselves extremely useful, as they quickly point to the most relevant information.

Google has big plans for NotebookLM, hoping to transform it into a full-fledged note-taking app. As it stands, NotebookLM offers a simple scratchpad for jotting down thoughts or copying chatbot answers, but its potential to become a comprehensive note-taking tool is exciting. Google is known for launching multiple versions of its products, so it's safe to say we can expect some impressive developments in the future.

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