GPT-4: More than a Language Parrot, a Reasoning Powerhouse

JJohn July 22, 2023 5:11 PM

OpenAI's GPT-4, once thought to merely echo human language, is demonstrating incredible reasoning abilities. Through its interpretation of complex scenarios, GPT-4 is challenging our understanding of AI's capabilities as it surpasses expectations.

AlphaZero's incredible self-learning ability

It was a significant moment in 2017 when DeepMind, an AI company based in the UK, announced the creation of AlphaZero. This remarkable algorithm did not rely on any specific instruction but was able to teach itself how to play chess and shogi (a form of Japanese chess) at a level beyond the abilities of human players. It achieved this astonishing feat in a mere 24 hours! The ingenuity of AlphaZero was such that it even surprised some of its creators.

GPT-4's impressive reasoning skills

GPT-4, the latest brainchild from OpenAI, is leaving its mark on the AI landscape with its extraordinary reasoning abilities. Its capability to interpret complex scenarios accurately makes it a standout. For instance, an experiment presented a scenario of two individuals, Bob and Alice, interacting with a parrot in a cage. The AI model's inference of the story's context and the understanding of each character's belief about the parrot's location was impressive. This example underlines the model's ability to reason and draw conclusions, making GPT-4 a unique player in the AI arena.

Putting GPT-4 to the test, researchers have been keen to examine its logical reasoning capabilities. While it performs relatively well on established reasoning tests, it does stumble on some types of tasks. Nevertheless, the phrase 'room for improvement' feels applicable here, given the rapid pace of development in AI technology. It's safe to say that GPT-4's capabilities will only continue to grow and improve over time.

Are we stepping towards Superintelligent machines?

The emergence of GPT-4 and its kin has stirred conversations around the notion of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), the concept of machines achieving a level of intelligence equivalent to human cognition. It is uncertain whether these sophisticated models are indeed a stepping stone to AGI, or 'superintelligent' machines. They might not yet possess a comprehensive understanding of the world in all its complexity, but there's no denying that they are becoming increasingly competent. In fact, a recent study from Microsoft found that GPT-4 can tackle a variety of novel and difficult tasks across a range of fields from mathematics to psychology, and it's performing remarkably close to human-level.

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