Hollywood's New Star: AI Video Generators

JJohn March 5, 2024 7:01 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) ventures into the entertainment industry, with pop legend Madonna among its early adopters. The emerging technology of generative AI, specifically the text-to-video tool, is becoming a game-changer, despite still being in its early stages.

Madonna embraces text-to-video AI

In her recent concerts, Madonna has leveraged the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence to give her performances an ethereal touch. The pop icon has adopted a text-to-video tool, which allows her to create moving images by simply typing a few words. This innovative technology replaces traditional computer graphics, providing more engaging and aesthetically pleasing visuals for her shows. While still in its experimental stage, the adoption of such technology by industry frontrunners like Madonna hints at a promising future.

Potential revolution in entertainment

Much like AI chatbots and image generators, AI video tools are expected to bring a paradigm shift in the entertainment industry. Enthusiasts believe that in the future, these tools could allow viewers to choose their own movie narratives, including storylines and endings, offering an immersive and personalized entertainment experience. However, this ambitious vision is still far off, and numerous ethical and technical challenges need to be overcome before it can be realized.

Ethics of AI video generation

As AI video generation progresses, it also brings along a multitude of ethical concerns. The technology poses a significant risk in the creation of convincing 'deepfake' videos, which can manipulate reality and threaten democracies. It also has the potential to flood the internet with fake pornographic scenes featuring recognizable faces. Moreover, copyright disputes over the training data used by AI systems and the possibility of AI replacing human jobs and artistry are looming challenges that need to be addressed.

The current state of AI video generation is somewhat limited, with the longest AI-generated video clips still measured in seconds. These videos often feature distorted movements and glitches, highlighting the technology's current limitations. However, experts believe that these hurdles can be overcome with more data and training, as well as enhanced computing power. As advancements continue, AI's capacity to generate higher-quality videos of longer duration is anticipated to increase significantly.

In the near term, AI-generated videos are most likely to make their debut in marketing and educational content. These domains offer a more forgiving space for the technology to mature and prove its value. AI video generation would provide a cheaper and faster alternative to producing original footage or obtaining stock videos. As research progresses and the technology improves, its applications are expected to expand and become more mainstream.

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