HubSpot's Grand Plan: Seamless AI Integration Across the Board

JJohn September 6, 2023 5:18 PM

Boston-based, marketing and CRM platform, HubSpot, has revealed an all-encompassing AI strategy, coined 'HubSpot AI', at its latest customer conference. This strategy aims to transform interactions with software and make marketers' and sales professionals' jobs easier, integrating AI throughout their platform.

HubSpot's new comprehensive AI strategy

Boston-based marketing company, HubSpot, has unveiled a comprehensive AI strategy, known as HubSpot AI, at its Inbound customer conference. Like many other enterprise SaaS vendors, HubSpot has been integrating AI elements into its service for years. However, with the advent of ChatGPT this year, the company is now adopting a more holistic approach, while preserving some of its previous AI components.

Simplifying jobs with HubSpot AI

The core objective of HubSpot AI is to simplify the roles of marketers and salespeople. To achieve this, the company utilizes a variety of content types to train its models. This content includes blog posts and other materials created and stored by customers in HubSpot. This vast collection of content and data enhances the system's understanding of requests' context based on existing information.

The four-pronged approach of HubSpot AI

The HubSpot AI strategy incorporates a four-pronged approach. The first element is content assistants, which assist users by generating required content within the platform's context. The AI agents, in various stages of development, aim to automate assistance for customers, handling routine tasks and answering queries. AI Insights offer predictive capabilities, identifying customers most likely to churn or purchase. Lastly, ChatSpot, currently in beta, allows marketing and sales personnel to interact with HubSpot's stored content using natural language.

To prevent 'hallucinations' - a phenomenon where the model fabricates answers when it can't find a solution - HubSpot confines the data access of its models to information available within its system. This approach has largely kept hallucinations at bay, although HubSpot acknowledges that its system isn't perfect and customers should not consider the information provided as absolute truth, but rather, as helpful input.

HubSpot's announced products are at different stages of availability. AI Insights are currently accessible to users, while ChatSpot is in public beta. The AI agents are expected to be available next year. Some AI assistants, such as the content assistant, are generally available, whereas others, like the image creation assistant, are still in beta.

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