LexisNexis Leverages Generative AI for Efficient Legal Research and Writing

JJohn September 10, 2023 6:16 PM

Legal software company, LexisNexis, is incorporating generative AI into its platform to facilitate legal writing and research. Despite the potential shortcomings highlighted by the infamous NYC lawyers' fiasco, the firm acknowledges the technology's potential in expediting mundane legal tasks.

ChatGPT's misuse in legal context

In an infamous incident, a couple of New York City lawyers utilized the ChatGPT tool from OpenAI to write a legal brief. However, the AI tool ended up citing non-existent cases, resulting in backlash from the judge and embarrassment for the attorneys. While AI tools like ChatGPT can be beneficial, this incident underscored the importance of thorough review, especially in the context of legal work.

LexisNexis embarks on generative AI journey

The case caught the attention of LexisNexis, a legal software company known for providing tools that assist lawyers in finding appropriate case law for their arguments. LexisNexis sees the potential of AI in alleviating much of the routine work that all lawyers contend with. As such, it is starting to explore the possibilities of generative AI, despite the inherent challenges that were revealed in the aforementioned case.

Jeff Reihl, the Chief Technology Officer at LexisNexis, recognizes the immense potential of AI. His company has been integrating the technology into its platform for a while. Reihl believes that adding functionality similar to ChatGPT to the company's toolbox could make legal work more efficient, assisting in brief writing and expediting the search for legal citations.

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