LinkedIn Unveils AI-powered Tools Geared Towards Job Recruiters

NNicholas October 4, 2023 4:48 PM

LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, has announced the release of an AI-powered assistant for job recruiters. This innovative tool will help recruiters find suitable candidates more efficiently. Furthermore, the company is launching an AI educational assistant in its learning section.

LinkedIn to launch AI-assistant for recruiters

Microsoft's business-centric social platform, LinkedIn, is initiating a pilot program for a novel AI-enabled assistant designed to aid job recruiters in their search for potential candidates. The 'Recruiter 2024' tool, as it is called, will harness the power of AI to streamline the recruitment procedure. Alongside this, the platform is also set to release an AI-powered educational assistant in its learning section, further leveraging the capabilities of AI technology. With these new tools, LinkedIn aims to revolutionize the way we approach job recruiting and learning.

AI-tool uses natural language for candidate search

The 'Recruiter 2024' AI tool boasts the ability to interpret questions framed in 'natural language', thereby enabling recruiters to search for suitable candidates more effectively. The use of natural language, as opposed to specific search queries, can help recruiters to unearth a broader range of candidates that could be suitable for a role. Furthermore, the tool can also be utilized to craft ad campaigns for job vacancies, thereby adding another layer of functionality.

LinkedIn unveils AI-powered career coaching

In addition to the recruitment tool, LinkedIn is also introducing an AI-powered coaching mechanism within its Learning section. This AI-enabled assistant offers personalized content and real-time career advice tailored to the user's specific career goals. With this feature, LinkedIn aspires to create a more immersive and personalized learning experience for its users.

The interest in LinkedIn's AI course offerings has seen a significant surge over the past year, with a reported increase of 65%. Recognizing this growing interest, LinkedIn is planning to make its new AI-powered tools more readily accessible to a larger user base in the future. This move signifies LinkedIn's commitment to AI and its potential in reshaping job recruitment and professional learning.

According to reports, Microsoft, which owns LinkedIn, is employing technology derived from OpenAI to develop these AI functionalities. OpenAI, renowned for its creation of the much-acclaimed AI chatbot ChatGPT, is backed by Microsoft itself. This collaboration indicates a merger of expertise to push boundaries in AI technology.

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