Meta Introduces AI Chatbots With Colorful Personalities for Young Users

JJohn September 24, 2023 11:51 PM

Meta is set to unveil a new AI chatbot feature with distinct personas, targeting the younger demographic. The initiative, internally named 'Gen AI Personas', follows the rising popularity of ChatGPT and aims to engage users with a mix of playful and professional bots.

Meta targets youth with AI chatbots

Meta, the company responsible for Facebook and Instagram, has been reportedly working on a new AI chatbot initiative. Dubbed 'Gen AI Personas' internally, the project is specifically targeting the younger market segment. These chatbots will be unveiled at the company's Meta Connect event starting this Wednesday. The goal is to engage these young users by offering multiple 'personas' that display more colorful behavior.

Distinct chatbot personas for user engagement

In a move to entertain and engage users on their platforms, Meta has been testing a range of AI chatbot personas on Instagram. These include a 'sassy robot', inspired by the character Bender from Futurama, and a perpetually curious 'Alvin the Alien'. By providing these distinct personalities, Meta aims to make interactions with their chatbots more engaging and fun for users.

In addition to the predefined personas, Meta is also developing a chatbot creation tool. This tool would allow celebrities and influencers to create their own personalized chatbots for fan interaction. This can offer a whole new level of engagement, as fans could interact with a chatbot that closely mimics the personality of their favorite celebrity.

While a significant portion of the chatbot project aims at entertainment and engagement, Meta is also working on bots with a more professional focus. These chatbots would help users with tasks such as coding, hence adding a practical utility aspect to the chatbot experience.

Meta develops rival to OpenAI’s GPT-4

In a move to stay competitive in the AI landscape, Meta is reportedly developing a powerful large language model. This model is expected to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4, the AI that powers ChatGPT and Bing. The development signifies Meta's ongoing commitment to AI and machine learning technologies.

Chatbots to boost ad opportunities

Beyond user engagement and entertainment, there is a strategic business motive behind Meta's chatbot initiative. By keeping users engaged for longer periods, Meta can create more opportunities to serve ads. This serves to increase ad visibility and potentially ad revenue, underpinning the profit motive behind the project.

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