Meta President Advocates for Decentralized Control of Generative AI

JJohn July 22, 2023 12:07 AM

Meta Platforms President, Nick Clegg, warns against the control of generative artificial intelligence technologies residing solely in the hands of a few big companies. He advocates for the development of an international framework for regulating this technology.

Anticipating an International AI Regulation Framework

In an interview with Nikkei, Nick Clegg, the President of Meta Platforms, shared his vision for the future of generative AI. He expressed a sense of optimism about the imminent development of an international framework that would regulate generative AI. The idea is not just a dream, but a possibility that could materialize in the next few years. With this framework, generative AI application and development would not be a monopoly of a few but an opportunity for many.

Clegg stressed the need for decentralization of control over generative AI. According to him, the computing capability and data required to build large language models are so vast that only a handful of companies worldwide are capable of doing it. However, he rebuked the idea of this power residing only in the hands of a few. Arguing that this was neither desirable nor feasible, he promotes a broader reach and control of these technologies, well beyond the scope of a few large companies.

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