Meta's AI Chatbots: A New Strategy to Boost User Engagement

JJohn August 1, 2023 8:32 AM

Meta Platforms is reportedly planning to launch a series of AI-powered chatbots with distinct personalities, aiming to increase user engagement on their social media platforms. The chatbots, which might even mimic historical figures or a travel advisor, are set to debut as early as September.

AI Chatbots with Personalities

In a bid to keep its users engaged, Meta Platforms is gearing up to launch several AI-enabled chatbots. These chatbots, unlike traditional ones, will possess different personalities. The company is essentially creating digital beings that can interact with users in human-like ways. And if sources are to be believed, these chatbots could go live as early as this September.

Chatbots Mimicking Real and Fictional Characters

To give you an idea of the diversity of these chatbots, Meta is even working on one that talks like the former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Another in the pipeline could advise you on your travel plans in the lingo of a surfer. This unique approach presents a whole new level of interaction, making the bots less robotic and more relatable to users.

Functionalities of the AI Chatbots

While these chatbots will undoubtedly be fun to interact with, they'll also serve practical purposes. They are being designed to offer a new search function, essentially becoming a user's personal search engine. On top of that, they'll be able to provide personalized recommendations, making the user's experience more tailored and convenient.

The development of these unique chatbots comes at a time when Meta is focusing on its new text-based app, Threads. The app didn't have the best start, losing more than half of its users shortly after its launch. Meta aims to boost retention through these new means of interaction and engagement.

Meta's Road to Recovery

This move by Meta is part of a broader strategy to bounce back from a tough 2022. The company has been capitalizing on the growing hype around AI technology, not just to recover but also to innovate and lead in the AI space. This strategy seems to be paying off as it has already reported a strong rise in advertising revenue.

In the same vein, other tech giants such as Apple are also diving into the world of AI. Apple is reportedly working on its own AI offerings that are akin to OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard. It has even developed a framework, 'Ajax', for creating large language models and is testing a chatbot called 'Apple GPT' - indicating a potential AI arms race in the tech industry.

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