Microsoft's AI Helper, Copilot, is Set to Revolutionize Workplace Routines

NNicholas September 23, 2023 3:17 PM

The global pandemic has altered workplace habits significantly. Microsoft believes these changes are an opportunity for a greater transformation - the adoption of their AI-powered Copilot. The AI helper is designed to assist in tasks such as writing emails and coding, and is soon to be integrated into Microsoft's array of office tools.

Integration of Copilot into Microsoft's tools

Microsoft has announced its plans to incorporate the AI-powered Copilot into a range of office tools. This cutting-edge AI helper, designed to assist users with tasks from email composition to coding, is soon to be integrated into web browsers, Windows 11 desktop software, and Microsoft 365 productivity applications. This integration represents a significant step towards the widespread adoption of AI helpers in the workplace.

Creating 'Copilot champions' for workplace adoption

As part of its strategy for integrating Copilot into workplaces, Microsoft plans to foster 'Copilot champions' within individual companies. These figures will advocate for innovative ways of working with AI. By encouraging adoption across all levels of a company, rather than reserving this technology only for business leaders, Microsoft aims to make using Copilot a regular habit for employees. This widespread adoption could significantly drive the company's revenue.

Microsoft has granted early access to its Microsoft 365 Copilot to several high-profile organizations such as Visa, General Motors, KPMG, and Lumen Technologies. In these organizations, Copilot has been used as a virtual assistant in various applications, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. For instance, in Word, it can assist users in writing and refining documents. This early access has provided invaluable insights into the practical use and benefits of the AI helper.

AI tools: A significant milestone

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, views the advent of AI tools like Copilot as a pivotal moment in the history of computer technology. Speaking at a recent event, he equated the significance of AI tools to that of the personal computer in the '80s, the web in the '90s, mobile in the 2000s, and cloud in the 2010s. This perspective highlights the immense potential and influence such AI tools could hold in shaping our technological future.

Microsoft plans to make Copilot available to its biggest customers starting November 1st, with a price tag of $30 per user per month. In the meantime, a preview version has been extended to select consumers and small businesses. This pricing model is indicative of Microsoft's confidence in the value and utility that Copilot can bring to a broad range of users in various workplace settings.

Early feedback on Copilot usage

Preliminary feedback from the early access rollout of Microsoft's Copilot reveals its practical utility in the workplace. Employees have been using the AI assistant to streamline their work by summarizing their inbox, writing quick email replies, and asking questions about meetings. Microsoft's Copilot promises to help manage the increasing load of digital communication and coordination that's become a staple in modern work environments.

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