Microsoft's AI-Integrated Design Tool Now Accessible in Edge Browser

NNicholas August 22, 2023 8:12 PM

Microsoft has now made its AI-driven design tool, Microsoft Designer, widely available to Edge users in the United States. The tool, which allows for creating various designs directly from the browser's sidebar, competes with other free design tools by incorporating AI-powered features.

Microsoft Designer tool now available in Edge

The AI-driven design tool, Microsoft Designer, is now widely accessible to users of the Edge browser in the United States. This free tool, developed by Microsoft, has been incorporated into Edge, allowing for a seamless design experience without having to switch between multiple tabs or applications.

Creating diverse designs directly from Edge

The integration of Microsoft Designer into the Edge browser gives users the flexibility to create a variety of designs. These include social media posts, flyers, greeting cards, and invitations, among others. The key advantage here is that all these designs can be created directly from the browser's sidebar, making the design process smooth and hassle-free.

AI suggestions for seamless design experience

The AI capabilities of Microsoft Designer are exemplified when a user enters a prompt. The AI then generates a grid of design suggestions, each complete with text and a photo. This feature caters to users who need inspiration or a starting point for their design projects.

Microsoft Designer's toolset also includes a text-to-image generator powered by DALL-E. This feature further enhances the design experience by allowing users to create images from text, which can be added to the design projects to make them more appealing and personalized.

Streamlining design shareability

The integration of Microsoft Designer into Edge is designed to streamline the design and sharing process. Users can now directly transfer their designs to emails, Facebook, or Instagram without the need to navigate through multiple windows, thereby enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

In addition to the integration of Microsoft Designer into Edge, Microsoft has also introduced several updates to Bing Chat within the browser. These updates include enhanced chatbot functionalities, such as the ability to organize browser tabs by topic or retrieve a password from a different browser, thereby offering a more comprehensive and user-friendly browsing experience.

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