Moonware’s AI Overhaul to Modernize Airfield Ground Operations

JJohn August 3, 2023 9:12 PM

Moonware, a Los Angeles-based start-up, is revolutionizing airfield ground operations with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Operating System (OS) named HALO. This innovative software dramatically improves the efficiency of ground operations by algorithmically coordinating tasks, reducing delays, airfield congestion, and plane turnaround time.

Moonware's HALO revolutionizes ground operations

The synchronization of thousands of data points and a large ground workforce is crucial for a flight to depart on time. Ground crews load catering and baggage, refuel planes, and assist in taxiing, usually operating manually and uncoordinatedly. Moonware's innovative solution, HALO, offers a respite from this chaos. This AI-powered OS algorithmically coordinates ground operations in real time, considering variables like distance, departure and arrival times, and crew availability. This smart solution is expected to reduce delays, airfield congestion, and plane turnaround time, optimizing airfield efficiency.

HALO's unique data mining for efficient management

The HALO software mines three main data streams to maximize its efficiency. These streams include real-time flight information, crew schedules and task allocation, and ground positions and movement of the crew and the vehicles. The last stream, which tracks the precise location of all airfield workflow aspects, is unique to Moonware. This comprehensive data analysis enables the HALO software to function like an AI-enabled ground traffic control platform, directing ground operations much like how air traffic control manages aircraft today.

Moonware's ambitious autonomy vision

Moonware's vision goes beyond software solutions. The startup aims to incorporate autonomy into every aspect of ground operations, from luggage transportation vehicles to the pushback tractors that guide aircrafts to the runway. This transition to autonomous operations will further enhance efficiency and coordination, positioning Moonware at the forefront of airfield ground operations. However, the full realization of this ambitious plan will be a gradual process, with the initial focus on launching the HALO OS with commercial airlines.

Moonware's novel solution has caught the attention of investors. The startup recently secured $2.5 million in pre-seed financing from a variety of sources, including early-stage VC firm Third Prime, Zero Infinity Partners, The House Fund, Lorimer Ventures, Plug and Play, and several angel investors. This financial backing will enable Moonware to further develop and expand its ground-breaking HALO software and possibly explore its larger ambitions of autonomy.

The first commercial implementation of HALO will be with a major European carrier, marking a significant milestone for Moonware. This deployment, which will take place in North America, will see HALO being used to service around ten to twenty flights per day. Moonware also plans to expand vertically across airlines' hub airports, expecting that the time savings from HALO will compound and allow for more flights without the need for additional aircraft.

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