Newbies vs Old Hands: Cybersecurity Risk Behaviors in the Workplace

JJohn August 16, 2023 10:07 PM

A recent study reveals that new employees are more prone to risky cybersecurity behavior compared to their more experienced counterparts. This underscores the need for cybersecurity training from day one of employment to mitigate potential threats.

Newbies more prone to cybersecurity risks

According to CybeReady, a firm specializing in security awareness training, new recruits tend to exhibit riskier cybersecurity behaviors compared to their more seasoned colleagues. This isn't just anecdotal evidence, but a pattern that emerges from analyzing data across various companies. Therefore, it seems, the day an employee steps into a new organization, their cybersecurity training should kick off without delay.

There's a good reason why new employees are more prone to cybersecurity mishaps - they're still getting the lay of the land, explains Michal Gil from CybeReady. They're unfamiliar with the organization's standard operating procedures, the tools they use, and how things generally get done. This unfamiliarity can make them easy targets for phishing scams, as they may not be able to spot discrepancies that a more experienced employee might catch.

Fearful high-risk employees less likely to report issues

Besides being more prone to fall for cybersecurity traps, high-risk employees are also less likely to report potential issues, says CybeReady. This could be due to a lack of understanding of the risks involved or a fear of repercussions. It points to the need for creating an open culture where employees feel comfortable raising concerns and asking questions about cybersecurity issues.

Training empowers employees against cyber threats

CybeReady underscores that training is a powerful tool in the fight against cybersecurity threats. It helps instill secure habits in employees, equips them with the knowledge to avoid phishing emails, and creates a proactive culture of reporting potential threats. Through training, employees can become an organization's first line of defense against cyber attacks.

The format of the training can significantly influence its effectiveness, says Gil from CybeReady. Short, continuous training sessions, supplemented with simulations, can help keep the training engaging and relevant. It’s not just about ticking off a box, but about providing employees with the tools they need to protect themselves and the organization from cyber threats.

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