Nvidia and Genentech Join Forces to Revolutionize AI-Driven Drug Discovery

NNicholas November 21, 2023 11:46 PM

Nvidia is partnering with Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, to pioneer the use of AI in drug discovery. This multi-year collaboration will leverage Nvidia's AI computing stack and Genentech's models and datasets to advance AI research and speed up the discovery and delivery of novel therapies.

Nvidia and Genentech's AI collaboration

Nvidia is teaming up with Genentech to blaze a trail for the use of generative AI in the field of drug discovery. This partnership will merge the strengths of both companies, enabling Genentech to utilize its own models and datasets along with Nvidia's advanced AI computing stack. The goal of this collaboration is to foster advancement in AI research and significantly speed up the discovery and delivery of new therapies.

Utilizing Nvidia's AI tools

A central part of this partnership is the utilization of Nvidia's DGX Cloud and BioNemo solutions. These AI tools will be shared with Genentech's team of scientists who will use them to optimize and scale their models. The insights gained from this process will then be used to further develop and refine Nvidia's product offerings.

AI transforming drug discovery

Drug discovery has always been a complex, rigorous process that involves researching different molecules and their interactions to find a solution for a specific disease. However, the integration of AI in this process could be a game-changer. AI has the potential to learn from large datasets to rapidly identify potential drug molecules and their subsequent interactions, thereby speeding up the overall drug discovery process.

Nvidia's offerings are set to play a crucial role in speeding up the training and inference of generative models used in Genentech's 'lab in the loop' framework. This framework feeds extensive experimental data into models for iterative development. As these models mature, they uncover patterns and create new, testable predictions of molecular design. Scientists can then assess these predictions in the lab and use the results to refine the underlying algorithm, leading to the development of improved therapies.

Through this synergy with Genentech, Nvidia is looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of AI-related challenges in the field of drug discovery. The insights obtained from this collaboration will be instrumental in driving the advancement of Nvidia's offerings like BioNemo and related products, making them better equipped to meet the needs of enterprises operating in this sector.

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