OpenAI Scoops Up AI Design Firm Global Illumination

JJohn August 16, 2023 8:02 PM

OpenAI, the organization behind the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, has acquired Global Illumination, a startup specializing in AI-driven creative solutions. This marks OpenAI’s first public acquisition, with the entire Global Illumination team set to work on OpenAI’s core products.

OpenAI acquires creative AI startup

OpenAI has made a strategic move by acquiring Global Illumination, a startup known for its expertise in crafting AI-based creative tools and immersive digital experiences. As a New York-based venture, Global Illumination has been a frontrunner in the intersection of technology and creativity, using AI to redefine the landscape. Now, as part of OpenAI, the team is expected to bring their unique prowess to the development of OpenAI's core products.

Global Illumination team joins OpenAI

While the specifics of the deal remain under wraps, we do know that the acquisition has resulted in the entire Global Illumination team joining OpenAI. Their focus will be on the organization's core products, particularly ChatGPT. Their experience and skills should provide a valuable contribution to the already impressive OpenAI portfolio.

Global Illumination's prestigious portfolio

Global Illumination's track record is nothing short of impressive. With financial backing from VC giants Paradigm, Benchmark, and Slow, the startup has created products for multiple high-profile companies including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Pixar, and Riot Games. This extensive experience in diverse industries is bound to enrich OpenAI's product offerings.

Despite its impressive AI developments, OpenAI is still on the lookout for a major commercial victory. With the acquisition of Global Illumination, OpenAI aims to significantly boost its revenue - the target is a whopping $200 million for this year, with an ambition to quintuple that figure to $1 billion the following year.

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