OpenAI's ChatGPT: A Stepping Stone Toward Artificial General Intelligence?

JJohn October 24, 2023 7:17 AM

OpenAI's GPT-3 has heralded a new era in artificial intelligence, with advancements bringing us closer to achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). From transforming the customer support industry to invoking philosophical debates, ChatGPT's human-likeness is pushing the boundaries of what we thought AI could do.

AI mimicking human logic and intuition

Sam Altman, the man at the helm of OpenAI, sees a future where AI doesn't just crunch numbers, but thinks and reasons like a human. The focus isn't just on mass data processing anymore. Instead, Altman sees a shift towards AI that can reason, make decisions, and perhaps even demonstrate intuition. This doesn't spell out just a technical shift; it's a whole new age where AI's thought processes might reflect human logic and intuition.

ChatGPT revolutionizing customer support

When ChatGPT was released, it was nothing short of a revolution. Then came GPT-4 and GPT-4V — even more fuel to the AI fire. The impact was significant, particularly in the realm of human-chatbot relationships and customer support. Companies started cutting costs by replacing human-led support teams with AI chatbots. The result? Almost instant response times and reduced resolution times, leading to a drastic cut in customer support costs.

ChatGPT isn't just another chatbot. Its human-like qualities have sparked philosophical debates. Can intelligence exist without consciousness? Is there a 'soul' behind the machine? The more we lean into AI, the more often these questions arise. Some scientists have even reported glimpses of human-like intelligence in modern AI chatbots, adding fuel to this debate.

The data used to train AI models isn't without controversy. In an era where data privacy is a significant concern, how OpenAI approaches data usage will be under scrutiny. Altman is aware of these concerns and emphasizes that OpenAI only wants to use data that people are 'excited' about them using. He sees this as a chance to rethink data ownership and how economic flows work.

Divided opinions on the future of AGI

The future of AGI isn't agreed upon in the AI field. On one side, you have AI-optimists like Altman and Meta’s Chief AI scientist, Yan LeCun. They see AGI as a tool to solve problems and express creativity in new ways. On the other side, you have the more cautious voices, like ex-OpenAI Paul Christiano and ex-Google Geoffrey Hinton, warning about the risks of AGI and over-reliance on AI. It's a nuanced topic, with a blend of hype and caution depending on who you ask.

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