OpenAI's Sam Altman Warns of AI Revolution Speed in Chat with Bill Gates

NNicholas January 15, 2024 7:02 AM

In a podcast interview, OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman expressed his concerns about the rapid pace at which artificial intelligence (AI) is being absorbed into society. Altman believes this could be the fastest technological revolution yet, forcing unprecedented societal adaptation.

AI's rapid societal penetration

CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, voiced his apprehensions about the astonishing speed at which AI is penetrating society. In an interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Altman brought up the notion that the AI revolution could surpass all previous technological revolutions in terms of pace. This rapid adaptation is a daunting prospect, as it demands that society and labor markets update and adjust faster than ever before.

Altman's vision of the future includes AI performing tasks that humans currently do. He is already investing in robotics companies, foreseeing a time when AI models will display language understanding and video comprehension. While AI systems are currently handling tasks rather than jobs, Altman anticipates that AI will eventually replace some occupations but also generate new, improved jobs.

Future AI progress

Discussing the milestones he anticipates for AI in the next two years, Altman highlighted the areas of reasoning ability and reliability. He referenced the current state of GPT-4, which can generate one good answer out of 10,000 questions, but doesn't always know which one is best. Improving this reliability factor is key for future AI development, according to Altman.

Altman also underscored the importance of advancing AI's customisability and personalisation, particularly in systems like Chat GPT-4. This includes factors such as its ability to understand the user's email, calendar, appointment preferences, and other external data sources. These areas of improvement are crucial in enhancing the user experience and productivity of AI models.

The need for AI regulation

Altman stressed the significance of AI regulation at a global level, given the potential global impacts of AI technology. He pointed out the need for a global agency to keep tabs on these super-powerful systems, taking into account varying views on issues such as model censorship and copyright across different countries. Altman revealed that several international leaders are supportive of regulating AI technology.

Microsoft's investment in OpenAI

In a commitment to the future of AI, Microsoft has pledged to invest more than $10 billion in OpenAI. As a testament to OpenAI's rising influence and potential, the company is also currently in preliminary talks to raise additional funding at a valuation equal to or above $100 billion.

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