Revolutionizing Underwater Rescue: The AI-Driven AquaEye

NNicholas October 29, 2023 7:01 AM

Carlyn Loncaric, a Vancouver native, has merged her passions for engineering and lifeguarding to invent AquaEye, an AI-powered device that drastically cuts down underwater search times. This innovation has recently garnered her a significant award and recognition.

Introducing AquaEye: AI's leap into rescue

Carlyn Loncaric, an engineer and former lifeguard, has combined her expertise in these fields to create AquaEye, a pioneering piece of technology aimed at locating people underwater. This handheld sonar device is the first of its kind to utilize artificial intelligence to enhance search efforts, making it a game-changing tool in underwater rescue.

AquaEye: Speeding up underwater search

The AquaEye isn't just an impressive gadget—it's one that could save countless lives. The tool dramatically reduces the time spent on search operations by 87 percent. This high-speed efficiency enables rescuers to scan an area the size of a football field in under two minutes, significantly improving the chances of successful rescue.

The birth of AquaEye: A synthesis of passions

Loncaric's revolutionary invention was born out of her personal experience and academic training. As a university student, she studied micro-electronics while also working as a lifeguard. She noticed a distinct lack of technology aiding underwater rescues, which sparked the idea for AquaEye—an easy-to-deploy tool that could potentially save lives in mere seconds.

Loncaric's groundbreaking invention caught the attention of tech giant Telus. Recognizing the game-changing potential of AquaEye, Loncaric was selected as one of the five finalists in Telus’s Stand with Owners program. Moreover, she was awarded a significant sum of $125,000, which she plans to use to get more AquaEyes into the hands of first responders.

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