Samsung Plans to Integrate AI in All Home Appliances by 2024

NNicholas September 11, 2023 6:03 PM

Samsung is reportedly planning to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into all its home appliances by 2024. The move aims to add AI as a key differentiator in its products, enhancing customer experience with ultra-low power use and always-on AI smarts.

Samsung's widespread NPU integration

Samsung, the South Korean tech mogul, is reportedly going all-in on AI enhancements for its range of home appliances. According to a recent report, the company plans to integrate neural processing units (NPUs) into all its new home appliances by 2024, including both premium and mainstream items such as Smart TVs, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, and air conditioners. This broad implementation of NPUs aims to make AI a key differentiator in Samsung's products.

AI as a key differentiator

The main reason for this broad implementation of NPUs in Samsung's appliances is to imbue them with AI capabilities. The company is working on developing updated chipsets to enable this. The AI technology, which will have ultra-low power requirements and be always-on, is designed to assist customers in their everyday tasks.

On-device AI processing capabilities

The AI capabilities built into these Samsung appliances will be able to leverage on-device AI processing. This will enable them to implement voice recognition, machine vision, and fully activate the Bixby assistant. The Bixby assistant, in particular, will have question and answer capabilities and will be able to integrate all compatible home devices.

Advanced appliance features

Samsung's AI-enhanced appliances will go beyond simple command execution. For example, future smart ovens will be able to recognize the food being cooked and suggest appropriate cooking methods. Similarly, smart refrigerators will be capable of identifying the items they store, further enhancing the user experience.

Samsung's ambitious plans for 2024 are being supported by NPU providers such as Korea's DeepX. The company is reportedly planning to mass-produce its next-generation NPU in the third quarter of next year, with the aim of outcompeting Chinese-made components.

Driving adoption of SmartThings ecosystem

Samsung's strategy of adding NPUs to all its appliances is also part of a broader plan to boost the adoption of its SmartThings ecosystem. The ecosystem aims to create a synergistic relationship between Samsung's own products and those of its partners, resulting in a seamless, interconnected smart home experience.

While the idea of AI-enhanced appliances promises improved convenience and efficiency, it has also raised some concerns. There are apprehensions about the associated security and privacy risks, particularly with appliances capable of voice recognition, machine vision, and self-thinking capabilities.

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